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Work Vaping Rooms & Vaping Breaks

Special Vaping Rooms at Work & Extra Vaping Breaks

Work Vaping Rooms & Vaping Breaks

Latest guidelines from Public Health England (PHE) are to allow employees extra breaks to Vape & to give then a room to Vape.

In an attempt to help smoking quitters who now vape to remain smoke free, Public Health England have advised companies to provide a special room where their staff can sustain their habit and more frequent breaks for 'top ups'.

PHE delivered these guidelines after concluding that e-cigarettes and vaping are 95% less harmful than smoking regular cigarettes and with the vast majority of the vaping community being ex smokers and smokers trying to quit, any obstruction to their vaping habit could force them back to smoking.

A Vaping Room?

Forcing vapers to go outside in the same area as regular smokers not only undermines their attempts to be smoke free, but increases the appeared presence of smoking to children who may see.

Providing a room specifically for vaping,  would make it more convenient in addition to being safer and therefore would be an encouragement to remain smoke free.

Vaping is not smoking!

The PHE went on to further clarify that vaping is not smoking... and as such, vapers should not be treated like smokers and terminology usually used to refer to smoking habits should not be used when refering to vaping.

More Frequent Breaks

Smokers usually need only one cigarette every hour or so to obtain the necessary blood-nicotine level to satisfy their cravings.

E-cigarettes and Vape Pens however, provide a lower level of nicotine and as such, vapers need more frequent 'top ups' to feel satisfied.

Employers should allow for this and provide more breaks to encourange workers to give up traditional cigarettes which carry a far greater risk to health.

Other Workers

Although vaping and e-cigarettes have been found in themselves to be less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, vape has been known to agravate ashthma in those passively inhaling the vapors and these employees shouls also be taken into consideration.

PHE Figures & Facts regarding Vaping

PHE advise that vaping should still be banned completely in schools and places where there are children.


What this means for Vapers:

These new guidelines could make it easier for those using vaping as a method to quit smoking to effectively use vaping to control their nicotine blood levels, thus making it a more effective way of remaining smoke free.

It would also mean that vapers need not be made to feel that they are still smoking by standing outside with smokers, and in the same way also reducing temptation.

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