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Vape -What it is & what to expect

Vape -What it is & what to expect

Vape defined.

Vape, the modern day alternative to the cigarette and vaping as opposed to smoking is the inhalation of water vapor (generally containing nicotine but not necessarily) through a vaporiser or e-cigarette. The vape liquid is heated by coils in the vaporising unit to produce the vapor. The actual "vape" term was taken from the machine used to inhale the vapor, called a vaporiser. Many people are using vaping to help them stop smoking traditional cigarettes with recent talk of the NHS providing vaping on prescription to help people quit. Although vaping still feeds your nicotine addiction, it removes many of the adverse affects and risks from inhaling smoke in the traditional way from tabacco. Also providing a 'nictotine hit' without the smell and risk to others. NHS : The BBC have reported that the NHS have acknowledged that E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco. For more information, please refer to the NHS website page regarding vape.

Types of E-liquid

E-liquid is produced in different nicotine strengths shown milligrams, starting at 6mg which is ultra-light and up to 24mg which is strong (24mg) ( with different levels in between). There is vape fluid which contains no nicotine at all.

Types of vaporiser

The market is saturated with a huge range of different vaporisers, looking different in shape, size and delivery. They all fall generally into two man categories though, e-cigarettes and vape pens.


These vaporisers are designed to lok and feel like you are holding a traditional cigarette. This is most preferable with smoker using vaping to help them quit as it most mimics th smoking habit. Easy to use and light to carry but dont last as long as a vape pen as the batteries are so small and restricted to pre-filled cartomisers.

Vape Pen

There is far more variety and choice available to you in the form of a vape pen. They vary in size, style and colour. Vape pens last longer, can be customised and can be filled with your personal choice or mix of liquid....so long as you are happy that they are considerably larger than the e-cigarette.

What is it like to vape?

You inhale the vapor in exatly the same way that youwould inhale smoke from a cigarette.

E liquid which has a stronger nicotine content can give you a "throat kick" or "hit". You can modify your nicotine strength to uit your needs. Like any foreign substance which ingested or inhaled into the body, there is a possibilty that n the first instance you could experience a few temporary side-effects, such as a dry mouth, dry skin, itchiness, facial rash or puffy and dry eyes. Sipping water will alleviate the dry mouth and use a body moisturiser unit your body has adjusted to the change from tabacco to vape.

Big Savings

A 20 a day smoker spends approx £64 per week on cigarettes ( £9 a pack). Vaping at an identical level would cost approx £8.85 per week. Yearly, this would mean a huge saving of £2,868 to the average 20 a day smoker.  

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