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New Vaping Laws on 20th May

On May 20th, New Vaping Laws are set to come into force regarding Vaping and E-Cigarettes:

New Vaping Laws on 20th May

New vaping laws which are due to be enforced under the Tabacco and Regulated Products Regulations 2016 will change vaping for the 2.6 million vapers in the UK on May 20th.

Vaping has recently been advocated by health professionals in the NHS as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes and even considered for presciption use. Vaping on the whole has been growing daily in it's appeal to many smokers trying to give up.  There debate is whether these new laws will affect this.

These new laws have a one year transitional period which will allow for the sale of current stock by vaping and e-cigarette shops.

The New Rules

Smaller Containers

Refill containers will now be restricted to 10ml.

What this means for the vaping community:

This will mean that consumers will be restricted to buying in smaller amounts which will end up costing more money.  There are currently no restrictions on size of refill containers which means that larger purchaces can be at a reduced price.  This new law will stop this.

Maximum strength reduced from 24mg to 20mg per millilitre

Current e-cigarette cartridges are sold to a maximum strength of 24mg per millilitre.  The new vaping laws will mean that the maximum strength of refill you can buy is 20mg.

What this means for the vaping community:If you are currently used to a particular vaping liquid or e-juice which is a 24mg strength then you will no longer be able to purchase this.

Packaging will now carry health warnings

Much in the same way that cigarette and tabacco products have a health warning on then, so now will e-cigarette and vaping products.

What will the warning say?

The warning will be geared towards the addictive nature of nicotine: ‘This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance'.

E-cigs must be shown to be childproof

With the popularity of vaping increasing, it is feared that the younger generation will be enticed to start vaping earlier and these vaping laws are meant to discourage that.

There have also been instances reported recently on people, including young children being admitted to hospital after swallowing e-cigarette or vaping fluid.  These are potentially dangerous if ingested in this way.

What is being done to discourage children?

Cartridges must now be childproof and tamper proof.

Advertising Vape Products

The new vaping laws state that vaping companies must not make claims regarding benefits to peoples health or refer to vaping as a beneficial alternative to smoking.

Promotional products must not be handed out and celebrities are no longer allowed to endorse vaping or vaping products.

Increased government control

Manufacturers will now be required to submit information to the government regarding product contents to continue UK sales.

Summary of how these new vaping laws affect the vaping community

These new laws regarding vaping and vape products will mean that vaping companies will now be restricted on the products which they can sell and the way that they market them to the vaping consumer.

For the vaping consumer, products will now be restricted in size which will mean bulk buying to save money will no longer be an option.

In addition to this, vape fluid and e-juice will no longer be available in a 24mg strength and the product which you enjoy may no longer be marketable and available.  Some products may no longer be available at all following government scrutiny.

Lets hope that this does not discourage smokers who potentially would quit using vaping as an alternative to not bother......

There will however be a one year cross over period where vaping companies will be able to sell the stock which they already have.

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