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Is vaping less harmful than smoking

Is vaping less harmful than smoking

There is much controversy these days with regard to vaping and the  potential health risks we may discover in the future, however the fact remains that vaping used as a positive tool in the fight to quit smoking can only be good.

Vaping has been recorded by healh professionals to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes and a recent poll in Wales (one of many polls which have occured but rarely published) uncovered that 2/3 of ex smokers have quit long term due to using vaping as an alternative.

Long term quitters due to vaping

Long term quitters are those who have managed to stay cigarette free for at least 6months to a year.

We all know the ill effects of smoking to your health and the potential risk that being a smoker can carry.  Every year thousands more smokers try to quit using countless quitting aids but often fall prey to returning to the cigarettes after a short while.   Vaping however seems to be the one method which is keeping smokers off cigarettes.  So much so infact that the NHS have talked about using Vape and e-cigarettes as a prescribed method of aiding quitters.

Not only is vaping less harmful to your health, but it the long term it can save you a tiny penny it seems too.    So, good for you, good for your pocket.

Variety of Vape Products

There are now a huge range of vape products, vape juice,  e-cigarettes and vape pens available with different strengths and tastes to suit your smokers cravings.   There are also a great deal of sties online which give advice and comment on the vaping community as a whole.

If you are looking for comprehensive and definitive advice on all aspects of vaping, vape products and e-cigarettes, then finding the right honest supplier is a must.

Infinity Vape

Infinity Vape are a leading supplier of all things vape.  Not only this, but they have a comprehensive and factual blog which covers all things vape, good and bad.

If you would like any information regarding which vape product is best for you, which vape juice will satisfy you best or what to expect from vaping then the guys at Infinity Vape are happy to discuss all options with you.  You can order online from a huge selection of renowned and quality products and delivery is fast.

Quitting Smoking may well be much more achievable with the help of vaping.

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