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E-Liquids Explained

What are e-liquids, what's in them?

E-Liquids Explained

What are e-liquids made from?

A common question, which can have a variety of answers if you ask the wrong person and that is: what are e-liquids made from? In truth, all e-liquids consist of the same 5 ingredients: propylene glycol, glycerine, water, nicotine and flavourings. Although the quantity ratios may differ.

Pretty much what you expected, right?

But what is propylene and glycerine?

  • Propylene glycol is a colourless and almost odourless liquid. This liquid is only dangerous in very large quantities.
  • Glycerine is also a colourless liquid, although it is completely odourless. It is also completely non-toxic.
  • Both liquids have a slightly sweet taste to them.

E-liquids and nicotine levels

Choosing the right e-liquid for you is important, especially if you have recently given up or are trying to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes. Below, you will find the possible levels of nicotine in an e-liquid and how that translates to tobacco cigarettes per day (in terms of nicotine levels).

Nicotine Strength

6mg/0.6% (low)
12mg/1.2% (medium)
18mg/1.8% (high)
24mg/2.4% (very high)

Cigarettes Per Day

Up to 10 cigarettes a day
Up to 20 cigarettes a day
Up to 30 cigarettes a day
Up to 60 cigarettes a day

It is important to note the varying levels. You may be looking to ween yourself down from 18mg to 12mg and therefore it is good to take account of the significance in that drop. Also note that since May 2017, 24mg nicotine strength e-liquids are no longer available. Instead, the capped amount is 20mg/ml.

How many flavours of e-liquids are there?

How long is a piece of string? There are so many flavours available and the range of e-liquids available keeps on growing. Apparently there are 7,700 flavours in existence and 360 different brands. Whether they are all legal and safe is another thing though!
Currently, we sell 109 different flavours of e-liquid made by reputable brands that you can trust.

Is it easy to make your own e-liquid flavours

That depends on what you think is ‘easy’. The ingredients are relatively easy to get a hold of; however, you may struggle with getting the balance of ingredients right. But hey, practise makes perfect!

As mentioned above you will need propylene glycol, glycerine, high quality liquid nicotine and flavour concentrates. You will also need a scale (or a measuring jug) to get the proportions right, storing bottles, syringes, e-liquid bottles and labels (if you want to know what you have made later on)! The initial costs are higher, as you have to buy larger quantities of the supplies than if you were to buy a ready-made e-liquid. However, you could save in the long run and you can have a bit of fun experimenting!

For a step-by step guide see http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-E-liquid/ for more information.

How do I know the e-liquid I’m buying is safe?

Firstly, you need to know where the e-liquids have been made and where they are being sold. Buying online can be a tumultuous task if you are buying from overseas. Different countries have different rules and regulations, so you must ensure that they comply with new UK government guidelines, to ensure that the product you are buying is safe to use.

If you are buying from a UK store, the company will be liable to ensure that all e-liquids bought are safe and within regulations. If you have queries, speak to your retail supplier for more information. Also, some brands are happy and forthcoming about how they produce their e-liquids. So if you are concerned with the safety and production, visit the brand’s website for more information.

E-liquid brands

We sell lots of different e-liquids from multiple brands. Knowing who they are and where they are made can be important when purchasing your e-liquids.

A selection of brands we have on offer at Infinity Vape:

Cosmic Fog made in sunny California, USA.
Flawless made in USA.
Beard Vape Co. also made in CA, USA.
Cheap Thrills made in UK.
Charlie’s Chalk Dust made in Orange County, CA., USA.
Wick Liquor made in UK.

These are but a few of the e-liquid brands that we sell. All of our brands are easily researched/contacted via their websites and they are all reputable suppliers. Any further queries, please contact our store and we would be happy to discuss our available brands and e-liquid flavours.

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