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A Beginners Guide To Vaping

A Beginners Guide To Vaping

In this beginners guide to vaping, we are going to look at everything Vape, where it all began, the terminology and what effects it can have on your health. Vaping is fast becoming the new preference to smoking conventional cigarettes for millions of people across the World.

What is vaping?

So what is vaping, vaping can be defined as the inhaling of water vapour through a personal vaporiser. Vaping is used by many as an alternative to smoking regular cigarettes, removing the usual adverse effects of general bad smell, bad breath and less chance of getting smoke affiliated illnesses.

Vaping is a term derived from using the vaporiser, you’re ‘vaping’. Coils within the vaporiser heat the liquid to produce vapour.

When did vaping begin?

The concept of vaping has been around a lot longer than most realise, the first vaporiser was developed and patented back in the 1960’s (1963 to be exact) by Herbert A. Gilbert.

So what happened to them, why did it take so long to start being developed you may ask. Well at the time the companies he approached weren’t interested, well not until his patent expired so Herbert tells us. After all back in the 60’s smoking was on television adverts, sports sponsorship and everywhere you looked, it was big money to some big influential companies.

In 2003 Hon Lik developed his version of the vaporiser or e-cigarette, he says it literally came to him in a dream. After a lot of testing and research his dream became a reality which was released to the public in 2006. Hon Lik’s e-cigarette was simply a battery with a plastic cartridge which had nicotine in propylene glycol with a ultrasonic atomizer.

How do Vape pens work?

Vaporisers or e-cigarettes all work using the same basic element, some being more fancy and powerful than others, but still operate on the same basics.

The vaporiser basically has a battery, coil or coils and liquid container. When the user presses the button on the device, current is passed through the coils, heating up the liquid to between 250 and 400 degrees.

The result is pure vape / vapour which is inhaled by the user through the tip of the device. This results in a lot less harmful toxins compared to smoking regular cigarettes which burn at over 1000 degrees.

What’s in E'liquid?

All Vape liquids are made using some of the following basic elements, flavouring & nicotine dissolved in hygroscopic components. These components are usually made using propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and polythene glycol 400 (PEG 400).

Vape liquids come in a variety of nicotine levels, most commonly, 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg and 12mg, giving the user the choice of strong nicotine levels through to no nicotine at all, just the flavouring.

There are now hundreds if not thousands of flavours on the market today for those who like to ‘Vape’ from strawberry and cream to pink lemonade.

What are the health effects of Vaping?

Vaping has managed to go pretty much unregulated for nearly 10 years, since it started getting popular across the United States and into Europe and the rest of the World.

Vaping has been marketed as the safe alternative to smoking and according to the Public Health England (PHE) e-cigarettes are less damaging to your health than smoking tobacco. You will see a Graphic illustration here of the relative harms.

PHE now believes that e-cigarettes though not free from risk, “have a potential to make a significant contribution to the endgame for tobacco”.

Check out Wikipedia on vaping

Can vaping help you stop smoking regular cigarettes?

It has been found that 2.6 million adults in the UK are now believed to be using e-cigarettes which are former conventional smokers, with most using them to help them quit regular smoking.

Jane Ellison (public health minister for the UK) says “Although we recognise the e-cigarettes may help adults to quit, we still want to protect children from the dangers of nicotine, which is why we have made it illegal for under-18s to buy them”

Is vaping better than smoking?

As outlined in the graph in the last paragraph, smoking e-cigarettes the harm that can be inflicted is greatly reduced compared to smoking conventional cigarettes.

With vaping you’re not inhaling dangerous chemicals such as tar and arsenic. If you choose to have a flavour with nicotine, you are inhaling a combination of flavouring PG, VP and pure nicotine without any of the harmful toxins that come with smoking.

What are the vaping side effects?

When you introduce any substance to the body, that substance can cause side effects, whether you ingest or inhale it. Side effects for vaping have been hard to pin down and determine if the symptoms the person is experiencing is actually from vaping.

The majority of people vaping appear to be side effect free with the only reported side-effects from vaping which are usually temporary being the following:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry skin
  • Rash on face
  • Itchiness
  • Dry/puffy eyes
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